• CENTATEQ S-800-900 processing centers
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Optimum processing quality with the basic machine comprising a heavy-duty gantry bridge plus compact, rigid guide track for the clamping tables

Dual-level infeed and outfeed for centralized workpiece handling

Precise clamping of components in all directions thanks to gripper system that pivots on both sides

High-performance processing spindles with liquid cooling, a variable speed range, vector control and a spindle sensor that detects imbalances and vibrations, thus protecting the spindle

Minimal clamp-to-clamp time thanks to compact tool magazines in different sizes with inte-grated pre-changing system


Workpiece width                                            20 - 300 [mm]

Workpiece height                                          25 - 150 [mm]

Workpiece length                                          up to 4,200 mm for automatic operation