BACCI SMART CNC Machining Center


The SMART CNC machining center with 5 axes can perform, in a single set-up, all the various machining operations conventionally carried out on several conventional machines, such as:

  • Drilling
  • Drilling on opposite surfaces
  • Mortising / Tenoning
  • Finger jointing
  • Milling
  • 4/5 axes profiling
  • Carving
  • On several components of chairs, tables, sofas.




Variable geometry tables (a Bacci patent). The support surface of each working table is composed of two rails with adjustable c/c distance. The rails are made of steel to ensure proper rigidity during even the heaviest machining work, long service life and constant precision. The rails are designed to bring the vacuum suction inwards, and M8 holes to fix the templates are provided at 50 mm c/c distance. Dovetail guides are provided along all the edges of the rails to block and move pneumatic clamps, stops, suction cups and other equipments.


TGV-TRC variable geometry tables (patented) rotate around an interpolated vertical axis so that all 4 faces of the table can be positioned in front of the operating head. This feature allows not only the possibility of machining all 4 faces of the table with horizontally positioned spindles, but also allows:

  • Positioning multiple elements on the same jig, thereby reducing set-up times and the number of jigs required
  • Speeding up cycle times, as the operating head does not need to rotate around the table, because the table itself quickly exposes all 4 faces to the operating head
  •  Simplifying machine programming for profiling oval or rounded pieces
  • Increasing the machine’s contouring capacity in the Y direction.



Numerically controlled variable geometry tables. The distance between the two TGV type support rails is interpolated and numerically controlled in the X direction. This allows mirror machining on pieces positioned on the 2 steel TGV rails of the table, thereby cutting machining time in half.



The TGV-type (a Bacci patent) steel rails may be equipped with a series of Free-Jig clamps with adjustable height and tiltable, to load curved elements without the need for complex jigs. The Free-Jig device is also equipped with pop-up reference stops.



The TGV-type (a Bacci patent) steel tables may be equipped with a numerically controlled turning lathe device to perform interpolated 5 axes lathing work. The numerically controlled turning lathe device may be used both in positioning mode (the axis does not rotate during machining, but positions itself on the face that had to be machined) or in interpolated mode (the axis rotates during machining, interpolating the other machine axes together). The standard length is 1,100 mm or 1,300 mm with a maximum diameter of 200 mm (other sizes are optional).




A single fork holding two double-exit electric spindles placed in cross position and extremely compact. The opposite exits of the same spindle rotate in opposite directions.



A single fork holding a double-exit spindle with compact dimensions. Typically used for machining that does not require numerous tools (2 maximum), for example for machining wood shells or milling plastic components after pressing.



A double fork holding 4 independent electric spindles, with coplanar configuration, arranged radially. Ideal for machining curved pieces that require a great space between one motor and another.


TESTA TIPO 4Prismatica

Una forcella doppia portante 4 elettromandrini indipendenti a configurazione complanare tangenziale cosi da ridurre al minimo gli ingombri.


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