BACCI MASTER.TGV  CNC Machining Center


The MASTER.TGV machining center with 6 interpolated axes is equipped with a very rigid gantry frame, ideal for machining elements for chairs, furniture, tables, beds, shells, stairs, musical instruments, moulds, etc.



Variable geometry tables (a Bacci patent). The support surface of each working table is composed of two rails with adjustable c/c distance. The rails are made of steel to ensure proper rigidity during even the heaviest machining work, long service life and constant precision. The rails are designed to bring the vacuum suction inwards, and M8 holes to fix the templates are provided at 50 mm c/c distance. Dovetail guides are provided along all the edges of the rails to block and move pneumatic clamps, stops, suction cups and other equipments.



The TGV-type (a Bacci patent) steel rails may be equipped with a series of Free-Jig clamps with adjustable height and tiltable, to load curved elements without the need for complex jigs. The Free-Jig device is also equipped with pop-up reference stops.



The TGV-type (a Bacci patent) steel tables may be equipped with a numerically controlled turning lathe device to perform interpolated 5 axes lathing work. The numerically controlled turning lathe device may be used both in positioning mode (the axis does not rotate during machining, but positions itself on the face that had to be machined) or in interpolated mode (the axis rotates during machining, interpolating the other machine axes together). The standard length is 1,100 mm or 1,300 mm with a maximum diameter of 200 mm (other sizes are optional).



Working tables made of Rexilon (Bakelite) to clamp the pieces through vacuum. Mechanical fixing is also available through M8 holes placed 50mm c/c distance. The surface of the tables is squared to house the washer that marks off the suction area. The supporting structure is made of steel to ensure its rigidity and levelness. Reference stops placed on the 4 sides of the table may be positioned as desired. The X/Y dimensions of the tables may be customized on request.



Variable geometry tables (TGV, a BACCI patent) that can be applied over the Bakelite working table to simplify use of the piece clamping mechanisms that are typical of the patented TGV system (side clamps, top clamps, vacuum suction cups, reference stops for TGV tables, etc.), thereby eliminating the need to equip very high jigs.




A double fork supporting 4 independent electric spindles with a Prismatic coplanar configuration (tangentially arranged electric spindles) so as to reduce overall dimensions to the minimum.



A double fork that holds 3 independent electric spindles with a coplanar tangential configuration, ideal for machining operations that require a spindle (Folding spindle) with compact overall dimensions.

The “Folding” electro spindle makes it possible to machine pieces at the same level as the working table surface without any risk of collisions with the working table itself (for example: Folding work with a circular blade).



A single-arm rigid and compact fork made of special hardened aluminum that houses 1 electric spindle. Ideal for machining operations that requires minimum overall dimensions such as, for example, machining of moulds or machining plastic materials, complex bended cabinets, or in general machining operations in which is necessary to have compact dimensions of the operative head.



Multiple Drilling unit with 5-7 (or more) independent spindles (fuses) with 32 mm pitch, either vertical or vertical/horizontal. Positioned on a skid that rotates 360° around the C axis. Our exclusive PITAGORA software automatically optimizes the sequence and the choice of machining spindles, based on the layout and inter-axis distance of the holes to be drilled.



The controlled, 8 or 16 positions tool changer magazine may be provided with all operating units equipped with a tool changing spindle (ISO 30 or HSK 64). Rotation is controlled by a servomotor (therefore not pneumatic) to guaranty maximum positioning precision during tool change. All Bacci tool changer magazines are completely dust-proof and do not reduce the machine’s working fields, as they are positioned out of the machining area to avoid any possible interference with the working tables and the spindles.




Teknik veri



NC Tam dijital eksenler


N. 6

Boyuna X eksenleri


3,000 mm veya daha fazla

Enine Y eksenleri


1,800 mm veya daha fazla

Dikey Z eksenleri


750 mm veya daha fazla

Standart tabla uzunluğu


1,170 mm

B ekseni



C ekseni



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