Teknik Özellikler

  • Machinable dimensions with lengthwise feeding (length x width mm) (min/max) 250x120 / 2700* x 1200(*3200 opt)
  • Machinable dimensions with crosswise feeding (length x width mm) (min/max)  130x250 /1200 x 2700*  (*3200 opt)
  • Approximate space required (m2) : 85
  • Number of operators:  1
  • Productivity: 600* panels/shift
  • Machining operation with panel squaring/sizing: yes
  • Possibility of finish quality checking: yes
  • Side finder technology for intelligent recognition of the edge to be inserted: yes
  • Check technology for the feasibility of production: yes - Flexible processing by management of each zone / each working unit: yes
  • Continuous optimization of the panel gap depending on the machined panel: yes
  • Flexible management of edge application technology/quality: yes